Laci & Garrett – A Little Mexican Wedding | Calgary Destination Wedding Photographer

Last November I had the amazing pleasure to join Laci Hobson and Garrett Armson along with all of their incredible friends and family down in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico to capture the memories of┬átheir wedding! It was an amazing trip, to a beautiful hotel, the Grand Sunset Princess, filled with laughs, rain, a ton of walking, lots of pool time, sunshine…and their special day! I love destination wedding photography because instead of spending just one day with a couple and all the awesome people in their life, I get to spend several days with them and it makes it that much more incredible to be witness to a couple’s biggest day! I laugh more, I get emotional like everyone else, and I hate when it’s all over and time to say goodbye! Laci and Garrett are truly amazing though and welcomed not only me, but my husband and son as well into their week long celebration, treating us like one of the many friends they had come to Mexico! I shot a ton that day and this blog post is HUGE because it was truly difficult to reduce 1000+ photos into something that fits here and still tells the beautiful story of their day! I apologize, but get your scrolling finger warmed up because this one is super long…but so worth it…there’s even a little moonlight magic at the very end you don’t want to miss out on! Who knew the angle of the moon looked like that so far from home and how I am used to seeing the partial moon!

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