April 17, 2019

Jade’s 1st Photo Shoot |Calgary Newborn Photographer

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Introducing little miss Jade! She is a fierce little force to be reckoned with already, at only 8 days old! She was calm enough to settle in to the photo shoot, but strong enough to show us that she was having none of us putting her to sleep. She stayed awake no matter what. We finally nestled her into my bean bag chair and those eyes got droopy, but this little angel still fought off slumber and kept opening here eyes. Don’t let the closed-eye shots at the end fool you, I got good at catching her in her sleepy blinks!

Don’t even get me started on the studio strobes! lol I had to turn them off & use a modeling light instead, because this little warrior princess would screw up her face after every flash and give me a dirty look! Too bad I didn’t catch one of those on camera! 😉

Mom & Dad elected to not be photographed with their lack-of-sleep aesthetic but I did capture a couple sweet moments when Mom was trying to convince Jade that sleep would really be great! <3

Jade = 1 Kelly = 1 (I guess we’re tied! I’ll take it! haha)

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