Breeze – 10WKS Sheltie Puppy | Calgary Pet Photographer

Had the pleasure of this little minx in my studio recently, peeing when she felt like it (thank goodness for laminate flooring, lol) and chewing on all my props as well as my backdrop…and even my toes and my hair (#longhairproblems)!! But as puppies go, they are the best source of laughter, entertainment and the cure for the blues, so I will take all the puppies in my studio that I can get!!! Breeze was the sweetest and despite her mom saying she is shy with new people, she warmed up to me right away and she kept me on my toes to be fast to capture these shots because no matter how much we let her burn energy, she wouldn’t calm down and was all over the place! 🙂 Alas after nearly 2hrs we did not manage to get her to crash and capture some cute sleepy “newborn” poses but I think her mom will be super happy with these photos all the same!

Have a new puppy, capture some precious photos before they leave puppy stage behind!! Puppy shoots are on special for $250 (+GST) for until the end of the year. Or bring your new puppy to one of my Christmas Mini Sessions in Nov & early Dec!

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