6 Reasons To Do An Equine Session With A Professional

I am an Equine Photographer serving Southern AB , based out of Calgary, and I am also an Equestrian myself (a Jumper); so I understand the love for horses and the treasure of having professional photos of my Equine best friend; not to mention their quirks and how to pose them, plus tricks for ears forward and such. 😉

You LOVE that horse more than anything!

We all know you do, so don’t deny it; always talking about something your horse has done, or a goal you’ve reached with your horse; ditching friends to go ride, more interested in being at the barn than out somewhere…it’s all a sign that your horse is your main squeeze; even if you have a “human” partner, they are probably used to playing second fiddle to the four-legged beast that holds your heart! 😉 It’s love and for that reason alone you should have portraits of and with your horse!

Sadly they don’t live FOREVER…

…but a photograph does, and a set of professional photographs is the best way to treat yourself to the memories while your horse is still alive!

We don’t like thinking of it or acknowledging the heartbreak, but its a reality that time catches up to horses faster than humans and we will have to say goodbye. We all take a bazillion cell phone pics and videos as well as selfies with our horse(s), but even I get professional photos every couple years with my mare b/c it’s nice to NOT look like barn rat and to give my girl a bath…we both get spiffied up and pose for some beautiful photos that I will have for a lifetime; not just some blurry photos with helmet head, dirt on my cheek and only half my horse’s face in it b/c she got distracted for the 100th time and looked away, lol!

Plus if it’s possible, I can do “At Liberty” photos of your beautiful best friend so you will have fine art images to last a lifetime, showing the grace, beauty and movement of your own horse!

Horse Portraits are Fine Art

We live in a digital age and we all carry a camera in our pocket these days. But those are quick snaps, in not always the greatest light; just a candid moment and platforms like FB, IG and texts are great for sharing that media. But professional images are art and they are high quality. I give you digital images with your shoot and I have balanced the light, the emotion, the backdrop, the pose, every detail so that I can to give you the best images of you and your horse so that they can live on your walls too 😉

You can order products on your own, but I also offer professional, beautiful albums, canvases, metal prints, photo boxes, or fine art prints and I guarantee their quality!

Portraits are an INVESTMENT!

Just as your horse is an investment in your equestrian achievements and goals, as well as in your mental and emotional health, so are portraits an investment in this beautiful animal that you cherish and the memories you will cling to when they are inevitably gone someday!

Ask anyone who has lost everything, except a loved one (human or pet), in a fire and I’m pretty secure in betting they would tell you the photos are the thing they want back or will miss the most! Having professional images mean you can come back to me and I can provide you the images and the wall art, if necessary, so that your precious baby is not lost to you!

An Equine session is a investment in an important archival heirloom that has a value that will grow every single year for you and your family.

We have FUN and I am a Horse Person too!

Believe me when I say this; we have so much fun and I LOVE my job so I am great at making sure that we have a good time and capture your horse’s personality, not just the beautiful posed moments. Being a professional photographer for a decade and a 35yr Equestrian I know how to pose, how to capture and use light, as well as angles that are flattering or just plain gorgeous for you and your horse! I can also handle the random “treats” your horse will drop from the rear without being phased; their inability to focus for more than the attention span of a gnat and I don’t get impatient; and those moments in-between a posed set up when they let a goofy facial expression or behaviour out that needs capturing b/c you love them for more than their physique, you love how they make you laugh too! <3

You get to chat horses with someone who gets you, speaks the language and is comfortable in the barn too; it’s my second home! I can get dirty and I am not bothered; that’s barn life. If you have a spot that needs to be ridden to get to, I can ride there with you as I am at home on a horse’s back and you don’t have to worry about me not being able to get to that perfect spot! 😉

Mare and Foal

Need I say more?! They grow up so fast and the bond between and mother and foal is a beautiful thing to witness, plus get professional photos of the two together. It doesn’t have to be right away; you can wait a few months until they have figured those legs out and are ripping around outside too!

Contact me for details about a session and to book your own Equine Portraits!

I offer digital files with every session and 15% off the session fee if 3 or more people from the same barn book a session with me; contact me for session prices. I like to shoot near sunset so typically evening shoots are scheduled. You can be of western discipline or english, it makes no difference to me, and you can have multiple horses yourself, it doesn’t change your package price that you choose.

Head to the contact page and let me know if you have any questions or to schedule your session for the 2021 spring/summer/fall season. 😉

I can’t wait to meet your horse…and you! LOL

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