Horses – Every Little Girl’s Dream

Violet turned 7 on June 4th so her mom and I arranged to have her come to my barn and do some princess photos with my beautiful mare for her birthday!! We were chatting about creative shoots and I really want more sessions with horses and women or little girls, so hey here’s an awesome session so you should book me to capture some lifetime memories with your horse! Shoot me an email and let’s chat, before the snow flies in a couple months! 😉

Kahlua was a basket case because she was in heat and she really felt she needed to be back in her field with the gelding on the other side of the fence and her bestie at her side! Violet was a little nervous because Kahlua wouldn’t stand still…mares can be a handful at the best of times but during her cycle she’s a dragon you want to avoid!! LOL My teenager handled her well and we were able to get some cute photos, although not all the ones we wanted, so we’ll probably try again later this summer!

Although stay tuned to see why real flowers may not have been my wisest choice to bring around a horse! *facepalm*

(Note, my horse would never bite, she is simply trying to nibble on those tasty looking blooms!)
The very friendly barn cat, whom I affectionately call “fat cat”, was photobombing the whole time so Violet needed a play session with him/her! lol
The Stealthy, but friendliest barn cat you’ll ever meet!! 😉

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