Okotoks Erratic Adventure Couples Session with High School Sweethearts

Roberta & Eddie won my Instagram giveaway a few months ago for a Couples Session; well actually a friend of Roberta’s won it and she gifted it to the couple who got engaged not too long before. If that’s not sweet enough, Roberta informed me that her & Eddie are high school sweethearts and I think that’s truly wonderful! In today’s world we don’t see much of that anymore. My hubby and I weren’t in high school, but we did meet fairly young, at 21 years old, and got married 6.5yrs later at 27. We will be celebrating 22yrs together this fall, so love CAN and DOES last! I think this helped me feel a kinship with these two and although they don’t have wedding plans yet, maybe I will be lucky enough to share in another part of their story when they do! <3

Originally we were going to head out to the mountains, but Roberta decided maybe somewhere closer was best, so I chose the Okotoks Erratic, aka The Big Rock, and we had a blast. It was worrisome at first when we arrived and there was a crew of teens that looked ready to party and a bunch of local tourists, but somehow it seemed to clear out fairly quickly and we had a fun summer evening playing in the nooks and crannies of the this large ancient glacier remnant from another time. I am pretty sure Eddie wanted to be anywhere but there, photo shoots are not always fun for the guys, but he was a champ and never uttered a complaint; I don’t think I made it easier chatting their ears off! LOL But they were both super sweet and good sports for all my crazy pose prompts!!

Weddings are beautiful and fun…but my guilty little secret is that I love Couples Adventure Sessions a little bit more!! There’s generally no time constraints, beyond the sun setting and running out of light, and there’s no one else but the two of you and me! There’s time to explore, and let you both just be a couple without any pressures or worries, capturing relaxed and beautiful moments. I get to really play too without worrying about anything else but that connection between the two of you. So bring on the couples sessions…I have 2 this week and can’t wait!

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